Sunday, January 28, 2007

Anonymous Post from Adds to the Mystery Surrounding the OU Athletics Dept.

I found this at:

I am a current member of the distance squad at OU. Knowing the information that I do, I want to address the people who are OU alums.

With the football team making it to the bowl game, which was in Mobile (flying required), [OU football coach Frank] Solich was to receive some $$ for bonuses. Furthermore, the athletic department is scrambling to not only cover those costs, but the costs of flying all of the football players, redshirted freshman included who were not going to play in the game. As a result, they cut Women's Lacrosse - their operating budget was much more significant than the track and swimming teams. Because they cut the Lacrosse team, in order to pay the bonuses of Solich, they were out of compliance with Title IX, which is why track and swimming are gone.

That is the story. I am still stunned. I have put my heart into turning this program around, and dang it, it was coming. OUr team had everything set up to have a great season next year. I redshirted, with the assurance from the AD (Hocutt) personally that OUr team would still be around. Now, I am left with a 5th-year of eligibility and to pursue the goals I have set for myself I will have to go elsewhere. 30:04 10k pr and now I have to look for a team that wants me for one year. This is so much crap.

Don't give a dime to this university.

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