Friday, January 26, 2007

New blog to centralize efforts to re-instate the men's track team

The Ohio University Athletic Department, with the approval of the Ohio University President, cut the men's outdoor and indoor track and field teams. Their rationale is budget constraints and Title IX compliance. As this website shows, those two arguments are completely flawed and incorrect. The reason the men's track team was cut is because Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt has a desire to invest more resources into the men's football team.

Here are some facts:

1. The OU Athletic Department got themselves into this mess, not us.
2. The teams did not have to get cut; it was not the last option.
3. All of the 4 teams that got cut CAN be re-instated in the future, but this is only likely if we fight for it.
4. NCAA D-1 track teams have been cut before AND have been reinstated as a result of alumni pressure.
5. Our efforts are not hopeless. We do have a chance, it just needs centralization, a strategy, and hard work.

To voice your concerns to AD Kirby Hocutt, email him at To voice your concerns to the OU President Rod McDavis, email him at

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