Friday, February 23, 2007

Article: Indoor Track & Field Championship: Team wants to be remembered for more than cuts

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Indoor Track & Field Championship: Team wants to be remembered for more than cuts
Michelle Munoz / Staff Writer /

This weekend marks the last indoor track and field Mid-American Conference Championship that the Ohio men will ever compete in.

But don’t talk about that.

Thrower Eric Bildstein says that it is not what he wants people to remember about this meet.

“Everything we do seems like it’s overshadowed by this asinine decision,” he said. “I don’t want our team to be remembered for being cut in 2007. I want people to remember what we did here purely because of hard work and sacrifice that paid off, not in spite of what has happened but because this is what we love to do.”

Coach Clay Calkins said that he agrees with Bildstein and that this meet should just be looked at as a great meet.

“We’re trying to not put it behind us, but at least to the side and deal with the meet at hand,” Calkins said. “Everyone is ready to go. It’s been a trying time with everything that’s happened within the department for both the men and women.”

Brittany Vinson, who took first in the long jump at last weekend’s Buckeye Invitational, said she has a good feeling about this meet despite the fact that last year, both the men and women finished last.

“I think we have a better chance this year,” Vinson said. “This week, we haven’t had as vigorous training because we don’t want to be too tired when we go to the meet, and we want to do our best.”

Vinson noted that the presence of skilled freshmen should help the team place high this year. One of those standout freshmen has been thrower Bahiyjaui Allen.

“I feel good, I feel confident,” said Allen, who took first place in shot put at the State Farm Shell Games in Morgantown, W.Va., earlier this season. “I think things are going to go well this weekend.”

Ohio and 11 other teams will compete at the meet. All of the schools will have women competing and six, including the Bobcats, have men’s teams.

Last year, the Eastern Michigan men and the Akron women took home titles.

“We’re as ready as we’re going to be,” Calkins said. “Mentally I think everyone is ready to go.”

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