Friday, February 2, 2007

Here is the (now) Public Information on the Cuts

Note: all PDFs should be up and running now. (2/4/07)

All documents from the public information request have been scanned and are ready for our dissemination. Please review them all carefully and post a comment or email me your thoughts, which will then be posted on here. Also, if you know of any specific information that you want me to request via Ohio's public information law, you let me know.

I never realized how hard it is to scan 250 pages, so the contents of the PDF files are a little unorganized. Please be aware of the page number information under each PDF.


Page 1
Letter to me from John Burns

Page 2
Fiscal Year 2008 Roster Sizes

Pages 3-7
Communications Planner: For the Announcement and Transition Period Relating to the Dissolution of the Athletic Programs in 2007


Pages 1-35*
Lamar Daniel, Inc Report for Ohio University Addressing Title IX Compliance Status


Pages 1-48
Ohio University Athletics Executive Committee Meeting (9/11/06)
Vision for Ohio University Athletics: Comprehensive Excellence: A Model Program


Pages 1-10
Ohio University Internal Audit: Review of Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA) (5/25/06)


Pages 1-52
Ohio University Athletics Executive Committee Meeting (11/1/06)
Three Issues: Student Athlete Welfare, Finances, Title XI


Pages 1-5
Rational Document – Draft, Athletic Director’s Office

Pages 6-9
Letter from NCAA Committee on Athletic Certification to Former Athletics Director Tom Boeh (5/1/01)

Pages 10-17
Letter from Former Ohio University President Robert Glidden to James Walker, Chair, NCAA D1 Committee on Athletics Certification (7/10/01)

Page 18
Affected Constituent Groups

Pages 19-21
Athletic Rosters

Pages 22-24
Professional Advisors

Pages 25-26
Broad Timeline of Significant Events (1/12/07)

Pages 27-31
Frequently Asked Questions
(These are continued onto the PDF 7)


Pages 1-4
Frequently Asked Questions
(These are the continued FAQs from PDF 6)

Pages 5-8
Director of Athletics Kirby Hocutt’s Remarks (1/25/07)

Pages 9-11

Pages 12-15
Table of Announcement Plan

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Alli Brennan said...

This stuff isn't hard to find. It falls under the Google Search, Lamar Daniel, Inc and title IX consultant. This is what the College Sports Council had to say about the mand who did the consulting for OU, and if you do the search, almost every other school out there involved in cutting programs:

"Lamar Daniel is presented to readers as an objective source when in fact he has long been a vocal advocate for compliance through proportionality. There are many people in college athletics who regard him as more single-handedly responsible for cuts in athletic teams and caps on rosters than anyone involved in Title IX. What’s worse, journalistically, is that Daniel has a direct financial stake not just in publicizing his dubious services but in creating legal anxiety at schools over enforcement."

Check it out for yourself: