Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Ohio Association of Track and Cross Country Coaches Resolution

This is a letter I received from Matt McGowan, Editor/Publisher RUNOHIO:

I just wanted to share with you that Rod O’Donnell and I spoke to the Ohio
Association Track and Cross Country Coaches executive board at their business
meeting on Thursday evening. The executive board passed a resolution to write
a letter to support keeping track and field at Ohio University and other
universities. They will post their letter later on their web site
( and they are also encouraging their 1,500 plus members to
get involved to help “Save Track & Field”. After the high school rules
interpretation meetings on Friday; coach O’Donnell addressed the Division I
coaches, I addressed the Division II coaches and OATCCC president Vern Kiehl
addressed the Division III coaches. We asked the coaches to get involved to
express their concerns to the university officials and Ohio elected officials.

The Ohio University Board of Trustees plans to vote on the recommendation of
dropping Men’s Track & Field at their mid-February meeting.

What can YOU do?

1) Write the universities Presidents, Athletic Directors and Trustees
members to voice your concern, this is especially important if you graduated from the university, recommend students to go to the university and if you or your business donates money to the university. Link to OU Board of Trustees -

2) Write a letter to your Ohio congress/senate members and voice your
concern. To find your representatives go to: and, then type in your zip code.

3) Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper and voice your

4) Pass this information on to as many friends as possible and ask them to do the

With YOUR Help We can Work to SAVE TRACK & FIELD !!
Matt McGowan, Editor/Publisher RUNOHIO

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