Friday, February 9, 2007

Public Records Request, Part II

Ohio University Office of Legal Affairs
Director John Burns
Pilcher House
Athens, Ohio 45701

Dear Director John Burns:

I am writing you to request public information. I do not intend to use or forward the requested records, or the information contained in them, for commercial purposes. Pursuant to the Ohio Public Records statutes, I deem the following information in the public’s interest to view. Therefore, I hereby request the following information:

1. All electronic mail messages from Ohio University Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt and his staff, Ohio University Head Football Coach Frank Solich and his staff, and Ohio University President Roderick McDavis pertaining to the cutting of the four athletic teams.

2. Financial information that provides a detailed breakdown of the $685,000 that the will be saved from the “Option 2” sport cut; (this was not provided in the initial release of financial information concerning the sports cuts at Ohio University).

3. Documentation and budget information that demonstrates the exact number of full equivalency scholarships and OSS (out-of-state surcharge) allotments and budget plans for FY 08 for the Men's Cross Country team. FY 07 budget currently includes all three (Indoor Men’s Track, Outdoor Men’s Track, and Men’s Cross Country) together.

4. Documentation that shows the exact number of full equivalency scholarships and OSS allotments for all Ohio University varsity sports for FY 08.

5. Plans from Moody & Nolan (the architectural firm from Columbus, Ohio) for the proposed indoor practice facility for athletics. This should include architectural plans, building plans, financial information, and all other available information.

6. Information for the Peden Tower improvement project; specifically its finances and architectural and building plans from NBBJ of Columbus, Ohio. (Some of this information was presented to the Ohio University Board of Trustees at their March 2006 meeting.)

7. Coaching salaries for all full-time and part-time coaching staff for all varsity sports at Ohio University for the 03-04, 04-05, 05-06, and 06-07 seasons.

8. Salary and bonus compensation information for Head Football Coach Frank Solich, Head Men’s Basketball Coach Tim O’Shea, Head Women’s Basketball Coach Sylvia Crawley, and Head Women’s Volleyball Coach Geoff Carlston.

9. Detailed budget and expenditure reports for Ohio University Football for 03-04, 04-05, 05-06, and the 06-07 season (up to and including the GMAC bowl).

10. Statistical information on the racial/ethnic make-up of the Ohio University undergraduate student population for the 06-07 academic year (preferably winter quarter figures if available). Statistical information on the graduation rate of the total Ohio University student population (broken down by full-time and part-time students.)

11. Statistical information on the graduation rate of the total Ohio University student population (broken down by full-time and part-time students AND broken down by race/ethnicity).

Thank you very much for taking the time to retrieve this information.


Michelle214 said...

Marc Meecum - you are the best. Look at you, all grown up & sounding so smart. Thanks for working on this important cause. From a former women's track captain, please know that the alumni are behind your fight all the way! Best of luck! -Michelle Borsz

rosie said...

These days, you can never be too sure of the background of the people you work around and with. Most of the times, all we know of people is all they told us themselves. If we had to entrust the security of our kids, businesses, homes or even our lives into the hands of anyone, we must be sure the person is free of criminal charges or indictments of the sort.

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