Friday, February 16, 2007

Recap of the Board Meeting

I was not able to attend the Board of Trustees meeting yesterday, but I did hear back from some people about it.

Just to get this out there: nothing happened. No resolution was introduced. No decision was made. Instead, a couple of current track team members addressed the Board about the situation.

To my surprise, the Board knew very little about the situation and actually asked the track team members if they could "go out for another sport instead"....

That's like cutting the Brazil soccer team and asking Ronaldo if he wants to perhaps try softball. It's also like cutting the Art Education program at OU and asking the faculty if they want to try teaching "science class" instead.

In summary, the Board of Trustees did not understand this issue.

You would think that after calls, letters, emails, and meetings, the Board would realize the situation on the ground. You would think that various members of the OU administration would have educated them about this situation. Nope.

What are our options now?

1) Continue pressing the Board to understand the issue and take action.
2) Form a legal organization to accept donations for the reinstatement of the men's track team.
3) Quit.
4) Protest on campus until this situation warrants a "Day of Dialogue" in which the administration and students come together to form a comprise (just as they did with the alcohol policy last year).
5) Cross your fingers that Mr. Hocutt takes a new job soon, so that the student body can make the new candidates for AD pledge to reinstate the team or else they will not get the support of the student body.
6) Bring back Tom Boeh, who pledged to never cut an OU athletic team.
7) Sue.
8) "Go out" for another NCAA D1 athletic team...
9) Something else that I haven't thought of.

I have no idea what is the best course.

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Anonymous said...

I think that the track team should hold an informational picket at the next Home basketball
game. A boycott of the next game would also be nice. If all Track/Swimming/Diving/Lacrosse Members and their friends would wear their O.U. uniform and hold signs protesting the cuts this would get publicity and then they casn storm out of the convo.
I think it's crazy that the athletic dept. and administration are crying poor and they hold Dad's and Sibs weekends when the B.B. team is on the road. Good move
Kirby and Roddy.