Monday, February 12, 2007


As of 2/12 the teams are still cut, but support has swelled immensely. President McDavis and AD Hocutt have met with numerous students, alumni, and parents about this issue. Members of Student Senate have met with Ohio's U.S. Senators in Washington, D.C. Matt from RunOhio wrote an excellent letter to the editor in the Columbus Dispatch.

Donors are getting involved, other OU administrators are getting involved, former coaches and athletic department employees are as well, and Student Senate is kicking butt.

We couldn't have asked for more support.

Aside from continued pressure and complaints, we really need to lay out a strategy for halting the process to eliminate the teams and to come up with alternative strategies.

Even if the Board of Trustees fails to bring this issue up at their meeting this Thursday-Friday, we still have a chance. Unfortunately, for every day that passes by, an increasing amount of prospective athletes decide against OU and current athletes are transferring out of OU.... This means that action is urgent!

Please email President McDavis (, Secretary Geiger (, and the two student trustees, Micah ( and Lydia (

Good Luck!

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