Monday, March 26, 2007

Public Records Request, Part III

Ohio University Office of Legal Affairs
Director John Burns
Pilcher House
Athens, Ohio 45701

March 26, 2007

Dear Director John Burns:

I am writing you to request public information. I do not intend to use or forward the requested records, or the information contained in them, for commercial purposes. Pursuant to the Ohio Public Records statutes, I deem the following information in the public’s interest to view. Therefore, I hereby request the following information:

1) All Ohio University plans for addressing minority opportunities in intercollegiate athletics programs from 1999 until the present. This would include all information from the Office of Institutional Equity (William Smith – Exec. Asst. to President) and the Athletic Department.

2) The entire memorandum response to James E. Walker (NCAA Committee on Athletics Certification) from President Robert Glidden dated July 10, 2001 concerning Ohio University’s certification review. Part of this memorandum was already provided by your office, but it only included Ohio’s response to issues #3 and #6. Ohio’s response to issue #5 (NCAA requirements to improve the university’s plan for addressing minority opportunities) is of particular interest.

3) Documentation and budget records that confirm whether or not Ohio University received funds from the NCAA Sports Sponsorship Fund for FY05, FY06, and FY07 and, if received, to which account(s) those funds were deposited.

4) Salaries (and all other financial compensation) for all Ohio University Athletic Department Administration for FY04, FY05, FY06, and FY07. This would include the Athletic Director, Associate Athletic Directors and their full-time assistants. This would also include, but not be limited to, the FY04, FY05, FY06, and FY07 salaries of the Director Marketing, Director of Video/Marketing, Director of Development, and Director of Football Operations.

5) The complete list of all graduate assistants, interns, and undergraduate student assistants as well as their salary/reimbursement/waiver/compensation for all administrative and athletic programs at Ohio University for FY04, FY05, FY06, and FY07.

6) Budgets and Expenditures for Marketing and Promotions and Development for Ohio University Athletics for FY04, FY05, FY06, and FY07. This would include, but not be limited to, advertising in the local media and in-game promotions for the six ticketed sports.

7) All information and data concerning summer school athletic aid, including but not limited to, the total amount spent by Ohio University for summer classes by athletes in 2004, 2005, and 2006, as well as a breakdown of which sport(s) each participant represented.

8) Ohio University Internal Audit that specifies the operating cost of Peden Stadium Tower floodlights. This cost allegedly was $14.28 /hr for FY06 and $14.58/hr for FY07. Please provide audit information that confirms or does not confirm these figures.

9) Documentation of the amount paid to Lamar Daniel, Inc. for the Ohio University Athletic Department Title IX compliance evaluation conducted in May, 2006.

10) Missing pages (2,4,6,8,10,12,14, and 16) of the May, 2006 Ohio University Internal Audit of the Intercollegiate Athletics Program that your office has already provided to me. I believe your office may have accidentally omitted those sides of the pages during copying.

11) Missing page (7) of the Lamar Daniel, Inc. report. I believe your office may have accidentally omitted this page during copying.

Thank you very much for taking the time to retrieve this information. Please arrange for the information to be mailed to the address below.

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