Monday, April 2, 2007

Letter to AD Hocutt Over Possible NCAA Violations

Dear Director Hocutt:

As a former student-athlete at Ohio University, I am concerned about the recent elimination of four athletic teams. I understand that you cite Title IX compliance and funding issues as the rationale for the cuts.

However, while you and President McDavis have full authority to manage Ohio University athletic teams, there are still Ohio University and NCAA policies as well as state and federal laws and rules that must be followed.

I am concerned that the process followed to eliminate the four teams violated NCAA policies. Violation of NCAA policies is a serious offense that could bring ramifications to Ohio University.

NCAA Principle 2.2.6 states: “It is the responsibility of each member institution to involve student-athletes in matters that affect their lives.”

Director Hocutt, when you eliminated the four athletic teams, did you involve the relevant student-athletes in the decision which certainly affected their lives? What I have read in press releases and newspapers and what I have heard from current student-athletes and alumni indicates that they were completed left out of the process. In fact, the only students that I have discovered that may have actually known about the cuts ahead of time are the members of the OU Intercollegiate Athletics standing committee: Matthew Bell, Mark Skirtich, and Amit Borundiya. I believe only two of those students are actually student-athletes.

In addition, Principle 2.2.5 states: “It is the responsibility of each member institution to ensure that coaches and administrators exhibit fairness, openness and honesty in their relationships with student-athletes."

This is a very serious principle that may have also been violated. I have heard that current and prospective athletes were told by you and others that their team (or prospective team) was not going to be cut during the next four years. They were apparently told this during the time frame that the process to eliminate athletic teams already began.

Director Hocutt, it is my hope that you examine the referenced policies as well as all other NCAA policies to ensure that the process your administration followed did not violate any policy. If you find that your administration did violate a policy(s), I trust that you will inform myself, the relevant student-athletes and coaches, President McDavis, and NCAA President Myles Brand.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, if OU actually broke ncaa rules just to stay in compliance in preparation for the ncaa review, well, that doesnt really make sense.

thats like breaking the law to stay out of trouble with the law.

i have a feeling that there is a mismanagement going on at ou.